Welcome from the Colonel

Greetings Mercs!
And welcome to the Mercenary Guild: The Official Four Horseman Universe Fan Association.
You have an opportunity to join a new Fan Association on the ground floor as we establish companies based in the Four Horseman Universe.
Together we are about to embark on a journey building something beautiful.
We are different from other organizations you may have been (or heck, even still ARE) a member of.
We are based on a collective of Mercenary Companies.
Because of this you will find much more freedom of expression for the company you form or become a part of.
Based on what your company wants to do, be like, what activities they want to focus on. The Companies will belong to the members.
There will of course be guidelines, but your chapter will be… yours.
My philosophy is to enhance the fans AND the authors experience.
Together we can play in the sandbox provided and really get a chance to immerse ourselves into the fun. And that is the operative word.
We are here to have fun. The leadership here is a servant leadership model who will look at things and say, why not? and can we do it without harming the org?

Colonel Tom Coonradt
President, the Mercenary Council